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Young Lady Reportedly Goes Mad After Being Dropped Off By Her Sugar Daddy In A Porche Car


The proverb that “not all that glitters is gold” has proven to be very true for all experts. Our forefathers who came up with this proverb might have thought of it so well.


A video of a lady has surfaced online, and it has caused a lot of reactions on social media. In the video, a young lady is seen being dropped off by a grown-up man in an expensive car.


As the lady got out of the car, she instantly went berserk, taking off her clothes and her footwear.
Most people who have chanced on the video have alleged that the lady might have been used for rituals by her rich sugar daddy.


According to others, the young lady might have been suffering from a mental ailment all along and it got triggered when she was with the man. The man, who couldn’t have controlled or tolerated her, thought it wise to alight him on the road side.



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