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‘The More He Finds Comfort With You, The Deeper He Falls For You’ – Ladies Advised On How To Keep Their Men



Ladies have been advised on how to keep their men in a recent social media post.
The post was made on the popular social media platform, Facebook on the popular Facebook page, Relationships and Dating.

The post reads;

“Dear queen,
Men are biologically different from women. The way he thinks and reasons are different from how you do.
Men are not less emotional but more logical. A man would be in the same house and not want to talk to you.
Not because he hates you or because you did something wrong but because he has a lot going through his mind.
Yes, you might sincerely want him to share with you. Afterall, why are you partners?
But the truth is that very few men would constantly share their problems with you because he’s already use to facing the world alone. He’s meant to be the shoulder you cry on. Not the other way round.
That’s why a high-value man would rarely talk about his problems with his woman.
This is not me defending men. I’m just explaining male psychology to you and the more you understand it, the more you realize why men do what they do. And how to handle men.
So in a situation where your man comes back looking sad and doesn’t want to talk to you, all you have to do is ask him once.
If he says “I’m fine”. Don’t pressurize him more because he sincerely doesn’t want to speak about it yet.. Pressurizing him would only complicate the situation. What you should do instead, is try your best to make him comfortable in that moment.
Prepare his favorite dish, give him a good massage and s3x. Because, the more he finds comfort with you, the deeper he falls for you.
Relationships and Dating”

‘The More He Finds Comfort With You, The Deeper He Falls For You’ – Ladies Advised On How To Keep Their Men

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