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Jey Foley Biography


Jay Foley, a media personality and businessman, rose to prominence as the anchor of the entertainment television network 4syte TV, but he had already left behind imprints that continue to motivate people.


His early school years were spent at Bishop Bowers School, where he was known as “the creative think tank” by his classmates and instructors.


He was well regarded for his capacity to generate brilliant ideas that might have an impact on both the entertainment industry and other extracurricular pursuits.


Foley was raised in a variety of settings, which helped him develop his skills and become the person he is today. His ability to think creatively piqued his interest in Visual Arts at Achimota Secondary School, one of Ghana’s top universities.


Jay Foley founded Radio Advertising People Limited as his first business. His business was focused on creating audio products for marketers. It included radio jingles and ads, radio imaging, and other things. One of Ghana’s most prosperous young companies today is his.


He also studied to become a professional voice actor, and today he is one of Ghana’s most in-demand voice actors.

He was given the chance to take the lead hosting position on 4syte TV, one of Ghana’s top entertainment television networks, by Radio Advertising People Limited. Jay Foley rose to prominence as one of his generation’s top entertainment hosts. He spent ten years working for 4Syte TV. This unquestionably earned him power and influence in Ghana and among the diaspora.


Jay was appointed general manager of YFM Ghana, a top urban youth radio station in Accra, Ghana, thanks to 4syte TV and his business. Jay left YFM to create LIVE FM, a rival urban radio station, where he remained for an additional three years as the Business Manager.


Jay Foley made history in 2012 when he became the first radio and television host from Ghana to cover the European Music Awards in Germany. Due to his excellent reporting, he was given the opportunity to speak with prominent personalities including BUSTA RYMES, ERIC BENNET, KIM KARDASHIAN, and AKON both on and off the BET AWARDS Red Carpet in 2013, 2014, and 2016.


An enormous amount of interest was generated in the BET AWARDS by Ghanaian media who wanted to follow suit and cover the event. Additionally, he started working as a brand ambassador for MTN and REMY MARTIN.


In order to promote Ghanaian programming across Africa, Foley was given the task in 2018 by EIB NETWORK, the station’s owners. FIESTA TV is an entertainment-focused digital satellite TV channel available on DSTV, one of Africa’s most popular satellite television systems. The FIESTA Channel has grown to become the only Ghanaian-owned entertainment TV network to air in 48 African nations in just four years thanks to Jay Foley and his crew.


Jay Foley presently hosts his own radio program called “MUSIC BOX” on HITZ103.9fm, the most popular and important radio station in the area. His most recent position as anchor of the Joy Prime TV morning show is obviously based on his years of expertise in the entertainment industry both inside and outside of Ghana.


For a special series called “THE SKY MARSHALS,” Jay Foley has devoted time to photographing the breathtaking sights and sounds of Ghana. a 30-episode television program that provides viewers with a realistic representation of Ghana’s stunning landscapes.


Jay has worked hard to help several Ghanaian musicians obtain recognition both within and beyond of the country’s borders in the music industry. He is still committed to using his achievements to encourage, assist, and inspire young people. His driving idea is “If you believe, it is achievable.”

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