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I Won’t Expose My Body Now That I’m a Muslim – Akuapem Poloo


Akuapem Poloo has vowed to cover up and put on the robe of good behavior as she forges a new path for herself as a Muslim, actor, brand ambassador, and socialite.

When she gave her followers an explanation of her decision to convert to Islam, this became very evident.

Some people are asking me if I’m impressing a man, Akuapem Poloo stated. I was denied sleep by them. Many calls came from countries other than Ghana. Nobody is impressed by me. Nine-year-old Muslim boy in my family.

In 2012, I became pregnant with a Muslim man, and I delivered birth in 2013. That should convince you that I am competent. I adore the Islamic faith.

I adore Muslims and the Islamic religion because the majority of my friends are Muslims, thus I am not trying to impress anyone. She declared, “I won’t try to please anybody; the only one I try to impress is Allah.

I’ll cover up so as not to display too much of my body, but hey, this is Sexy Poloo. I can still go by Sexy Poloo on social media and maintain my identity there, according to the Mallam who assisted me, but I’ll just add my Muslim name to it.

You’ll witness me act sensual as Sexy Poloo. Even though I’ll be dressed, my lovely figure will still be visible. What you object to is that. You detest seeing my adorable lovely figure, but I am attractive. My body won’t be on display.

I won’t do things like wear short jeans, but I’m still hot. Remember that,” she said.

See the video down below.

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