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Forget Hajia Bintu, See Photos Of US-based Ghanaian Model Causing Wahala On Social Media With Her Big Borrtozz


Hajia Bintu who is known to be the Queen of Borrtozz has been in the news for sometime now. Her title as being the queen of huge bortozz is finally under a big threat.



Her thrown is under threat as many ladies with huge borrtozz has now surfaced on social media.




Earlier ago, a SHS student popularly known as Queen Sila took to her social media handle to upload some photos. She was instantly compared to Hajia Bintu.




Today, another Ghanaian model, Empress Nard who was born and bred in the United States of America has also uploaded some pictures of herself on social media.




Social media users have compared her borrrtozz to that of Hajia Bintu and to be honest Empress Nard has successfully “unthrown” Hajia Bintu from her thrown as the Queen of Borrtozz.



See Pictures Of Empress Nard


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