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Dirty Water Doesn’t Stop Plant Growth – Asantewaa Lashes Critics


A well-known TikToker from Ghana named Asantewaa has responded to trolls who condemned her on social media for comments she made against United Showbiz.

Asantewaa was a guest on the show together with other TikTokers Hajia Bintu, Wesley Kesse, Jacqueline Mensah, Felicia Osei, and Erkua Official. They talked about their TikTok careers.

However, Asantewaa’s comments outraged a lot of people, which led to various media debates and made them the topic of numerous talk shows and programs. In light of this, Asantewaa has responded to people who chastised her for what she stated on national television.

She shared beautiful photos of herself in various settings where she looked like a goddess. When she wakes up, she discovers she is in the news on numerous websites and stations.

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