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3 Ghanaian celebrities that have faced accusations of being gay, in our opinion


3 Ghanaian celebrities that have faced accusations of being gay, in our opinionHomosexuals and anyone with sexual orientations other than heterosexuals are strictly despised in our region of the planet. Gay people must conceal their identities for fear of being killed or shunned.

This explains why some male superstars who are rumored to be gay have not publicly stated their orientation, in contrast to the West where this is the norm. We’ll try to make sense of these rumors and the celebrities’ reactions to them in this piece.

First, “Nana Tornado”


Controversies are nothing new to Nana Tornado. He recently derided and humiliated Christians, calling the idea of Jesus and the Bible absurd. In addition, due to his effeminacy, the actor who gained notoriety through the Afia Schwarzenegger series has been charged with homosexuality. Despite his repeated denials, Ghanaians continue to forcibly attach the tag to his feminine neck.

On DJ Advicer’s drive-time show Ayekoo on Happy FM, Nana Tornado refuted the assertion at the time. He may be heard saying; “We began dating when I was 17 and had just walked away from home, and she was a Filipina. “I spent three years living in the Philippines, but we were unable to get married,’ he claimed.

Even though he ended things with his former Filipina lover, Nana Tornado explains that they are still close friends. I currently have a thirteen-year-old daughter, and she is married and has two children. We are close pals “Added he.

Yeboah Nana

Nana Yaboah has repeatedly denied being gay despite having feminine characteristics that give everyone the impression that he is. The “insulting dad” discussed this rumor and the fact that he enjoys insults excessively with Showbiz, stating, “When you call me girlish or gay, you don’t expect me to join in the laughter. I have no mercy for you.” When people say things like that about me, I don’t like it. I’ve heard a few remarks to that effect, but I will never be gay. We have two sets of twins, and I’m devoted to my wife. I will never be gay, not even in my next life, I promise.

Christopher Attoh

Chris Attoh
Chris Attoh

Rumors on the street claim that Chris Attoh’s marriage to Nigerian actress Damilola Adegbite ended in divorce because he is gay. Chris Attoh has repeatedly refuted the rumors, saying they were initiated by a woman who wanted to have a sexual relationship with him. He claimed the woman, a fan, approached him in the “green room” after he completed hosting a play at the National Theatre, implying the woman was naked while wearing a jacket.

The actor denied the rumors in an interview with Angel TV and stated: “The only time I was made aware of this (being gay) was from a young woman acquaintance who vowed to ensure that the business assumed I was gay. And this happened after I had already hosted a show at the National Theatre. After finishing, I headed back to my green room. I was exhausted beyond belief. I wasn’t in the mood for anything, but a young woman walked over to present herself as a fan while wearing only a jacket, which she then removed.

I don’t believe the show’s rating will permit it, but to cut a long story short, I resisted. I was quite hot since I needed some cash. In addition, I had the impression of being a piece of flesh. It wasn’t something that was packaged or appealing. But to cut a long tale short, she promised me she would go to every newspaper and tell them I was gay because she gave herself to me and I did nothing before I left the room and requested her to put on her clothes. Long time has passed since this. Since that is the only instance I can think of, I guess people did knew I’m homosexual, but I didn’t realize it was such a big deal.

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